Digital Hearing Aid

Brand New Signi a RUN CIC Severe Loss 50/113 dB Digital invisible Hearing Aids

Brand New Signi a RUN CIC Severe Loss 50/113 dB Digital invisible Hearing Aids

Brand New Signi a RUN CIC Severe Loss 50/113 dB Digital invisible Hearing Aids

Smallest Invisible 8 Channel High-Performance. For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss.

(Automatic Microphone Noise Reduction) Max Power Output. Note: Programming is optional for this hearing aid model. You can Insert the battery and start using it for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss.

If not satisfied, we recommend getting it programmed by us or your audiologist. If you want us to program your device, please share your audiogram after placing the order for FREE programming. As a hearing aid is an electronic equipment, sometimes you may face manufacturing issues, please let us know in case your face any problems with your hearing aid. Note: Programming is not 100% correct sometimes. In some cases, you may need to visit your.

Audiologist for reprogramming, if required. 100% Digital Signal Processing CIC Hearing Aid. ·100% All Digital Signal Processing. ·Nano scale Coating (Moisture proof, Dust proof) - Volume Control with Smartphone using Bluetooth. This Deal is for hearing aid.

1 x pcs Ear tips to fit your ear 1 x Carry case. 1 x Set of 6 Batteries 1x Dehumidifier 1 x Cleaning Brush. Note- Hearing Aid is an digital devices which is required to be programmed as per patients Audiogram before use.

Run-because life is made for sharing. The run hearing instruments provide an outstanding hearing experience all day long. With their ingenious, interchangeable, super-soft sleeves that simply on the instrument, the in-the-ear, models fit beautifully and in seconds.

Whatever the situation, you can be sure running hearing aids will give superb sound quality. Add a magic sparkle to your life. The peaceful trickling of a woodland stream, the sounds of a baby chuckling, or the subtle punchline of a friend's joke - life is full of delights that bring smiles to our faces.

With the run hearing instruments from signi a, you can enjoy every one of them to the full. Because when it comes to sharing magical moments, with the run, you're in good company. Great for every conversation, whomever it's with.

At home, whether it's quiet or the kids are running around. In crowded, very noisy environments, such as restaurants or marketplaces. (1) Louder and clearer sound. Sounds are transmitted via the microphone and amplified using state-of-the-art sound processing for clearer hearing. SIMPLE TO INSERT AND REMOVE.

Discreet yet convenient, the removal cord lets you easily remove the hearing aids from your ear. To European(UK, Germany, France, Spain.

For orders outside the USA/UK If custom Duty Charged, that will be paid by consignee only. Please make your address information correct as below.

We have a strict QC before sending out the items. If your item has any problem with. Your satisfied is our goal. All items are guaranteed for 60 days from the days of received the items. If you are not satisfied with the item, simply return it to us but before returning, confirm return address from us.

As a professional team who are specialized in hearing instruments. We can offer you, Splendid Customer Service, high-quality product with a more economical price. Thank you very much for visiting our store! You must provide to me with either a signed statement from a physician or a signed waiver before I will deliver this item to you.
Brand New Signi a RUN CIC Severe Loss 50/113 dB Digital invisible Hearing Aids