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GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219

GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219

GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219
ReSound Unite DIGITAL TV STREAMER SAS-3, Plus ReSound Remote Control 2nd GENERATION WORKS WITH RESOUND HEARING AIDS - Never Used, Overstock. This TV streamer is compatible with all Beltone/Resound & Jabra remote control. FOR United Stated, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia. Q uick Charging Plug provided. All Necessary Cables Are Provided To Set Up Various Ways. Adapter, RCA Audio in cable & Toslink optical audio cable, link to the product manual and a video on how to set up your unit. Streamer transmits audio to your directly to your hearing aids. You can enjoy your T. Or any Audio source directly to your hearing aids & you can change your volume just for your hearing aids without disrupting your family. Streamer is compatible with all the ReSound remote control. I use this for my hearing aids and it is. To get the TV audio through your hearing aids and not having your family tell you to turn down the volume! No More Need To Have SubTitles. Consider getting 2 or 3 units, one for each TV. Enough sound to go around. TV Streamer 2 transforms your hearing aids into wireless headphones. It sends stereo sound directly from your TV, stereo or computer directly into your hearing aids fromup to 23 feet away. TV watching becomes a breeze. Do you have to choose between watching TV alone or not being able to hear when your family watches it? You can turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently of the volume everyone else hears. Have troubles hearing the conversation around you when the TV is on? With the Remote Control 2 or Control app, you can adjust both the volume of the TV programmed the volume of your hearing instruments independently. Have a newer digital TV or an elderly analog model? The TV Streamer 2 is compatible with all TV models.

The ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2 is very handy and easy to set up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life. Remote Control-2, you'll never lose track of your hearing aid settings. You can change programs and adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-see display clearly shows the settings.

ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 allows you to control the volume of your hearing aids as well change the program on them. Compatible with ReSound wireless hearing aid models only. Along with the TV Streamer 2, you can control the volume of sound streaming from your TV to your hearing aids.

USB adapter and AC wall adapter for charging, wrist loop,, and one Remote Control included in kit. 6.38 x 4.8 x 1.81 inches; 2.12 Ounces. #13,511 in Remote Controls. 4.4 out of 5 stars. Are you sitting in the car with the window down? Turn down the volume by the window to avoid the wind noise. Program - Going into a business meeting? Switch into the program to best hear voices in noise.

Mute - Waiting at the mall for your wife to finish her shopping? Relax, sit down, and mute your hearing aids to rest from loud background noise.

He available program names and volume levels can be seen clearly on the display so you can never be in doubt about? With your hearing aid settings. You are also able to view the battery status of both of your hearing aids, allowing you to keep better track of when battery changes are required.

Physical features include, ON/OFF switch, display, streaming button, home button (for restoring to basic settings), hearing instrument microphone mute button, volume buttons, program change button and a hidden pairing button. The arrow buttons give the option to select left or right only if you would like to make changes monaurally (one side at a time).

The streaming button is a handy way to quickly switch to wireless streaming from your other ReSound assistive devices, e. Once streaming, you can use the remote control to alter the volume of both the streamed audio input and the hearing aid microphones.

If you are using ReSound Alera wireless hearing instruments volume adjustment will apply to the streamed audio signal only. Compatible with ReSound Alera, Verso, LiNX, Enzo and Quattro as well as wireless enabled NHS ReSound and Danalogic hearing aids? All variants of Ambio, UP, and CS61W, CS71W, CS81W and CS91W.

Charge the battery by using the power cable supplied, plugging it into the base of the device. You can see the device battery status on the display, which will show as one, two or three bars.

Three bars indicate full battery charge and flashing icon with no bars indicates low battery. The device will conserve battery by going into? Mode after 20 seconds of non-use, at which time the display will turn dark. Simply press a button to?

It and then begin making your desired adjustments. The Remote Control 2 can be paired by you at home, however please note that program options will only be available if they have been programmed by your hearing care provider. With your kids or grandkids? One-touch activation of the T. Adjusting the volume of T.

Being streamed to your ears doesn't affect the T. S average volume, so it's perfect for you and not too loud for the kids.

The hearing aid volume so you can hear both the kids and the show. It doesn't get more discreet. You might feel like you are fumbling when you use hearing aid buttons toggle through programs and volume. The buttons on the Remote Control-2 are larger and easy to see.

While most hearing aid manufacturers offer remote controls, they usually require you to hang them from your neck. The ReSound Unite Remote Control-2 can be kept in your pocket or purse. Charging cable and plug Included, box is not included. Operating range: up to 3 meters, though will work most efficiently within 1 meter. Operating temperature: 0 to 45 °C.

Storage temperature: -20 to 45 °C. Product is a Type B applied part. Please help us to continue the same way. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Medical & Mobility\Daily Living Aids\Hearing Assistance\Hearing Aids".

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  • Model: ReSound
  • Type: Hearing Amplifier
  • Features: US, or Europe or Australia or UK Plug provided, Bluetooth, Digital Noise Reduction, Direct audio input, Environmental noise control, Rechargeable, Remote controls
  • Sound Processing: Digital
  • Brand: GN ReSound
  • Items Included: US, or Europe or Australia or UK Plug provided, Remote Control

GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219