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Phonak Roger Select Champagne, With Base & Cables

Phonak Roger Select Champagne, With Base & Cables
Phonak Roger Select Champagne, With Base & Cables

Phonak Roger Select Champagne, With Base & Cables

Phonak Roger Select - Champagne - With Docking / Charging Station / Base & Power Supply & All Cables. The Roger Select is a versatile transmitter that offers the very latest in wireless microphone technology to ensure excellent speech understanding in the noisiest of listening environments. The Unit Has Built-in Multi-Beam Technology that enables speech sound to be heard above background noise. It is to be used with a suitable Roger receiver, such as the Roger X or a Roger MyLink.

These must be obtained separately, depending on the make and model of your hearing aid. The Roger Select is suitable for. Lecture halls, the classroom or office environments. One-on-one or small group conversations. The Roger Select transmits sound to your hearing aids via whichever receiver is connected. For those who do not wear hearing aids but who still wish to make use of the Roger Select's technology, you can use the Roger MyLink product as the receiver. The Roger MyLink can be used with headphones and not hearing aids. For a one to one conversation, simply clip the microphone to the speaker's clothing or hang it around their neck. In a small group environment, place the transmitter into the middle of the table, where it will seamlessly switch between individual speakers.

Alternatively, you can manually select who you would like to listen to. Provides enhanced speech understanding with six microphones processing speech from every angle. Can be used in conjunction with the Roger Pen, Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters and any Roger receivers other than SoundField receivers. Up to ten microphones working together.

Cannot be used in conjunction with Roger Inspiro, Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger DynaMic, DigiMaster SoundField systems or Roger AudioHub. We have many other Phonak hearing aids and all types of accessories in stock. Some of these include complete TVLink Packages (Both "S", "II" and "Air II"); individual extra components such as stand-alone TVLink Bases and Power Supplies for use of your ComPilot in other rooms and on other devices; Phonak Cables; - Digital Optical and Coaxial; Roger Inspiro Devices, Roger Mics; Accessories AND many other Phonak FM Hearing Aids and Accessories and Devices etc. We also carry a full line of Programming supplies for the DIY enthusiast who wants the freedom of programming or adjusting their own Phonak derives.

The prices can be surprisingly low for a basic programming package! Programming of your accessories and hearing aids may be done by you with the proper programmer and software, or by your audiologist. If you don't have a local audiologist, we fully support our products and can do all necessary initial programming for you at very reasonable charges. Feel free to contact our technical staff for more information on your specific aids.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Just let us know what you would like and our technical staff will be happy to assist you.

Most of our products are recertified, new old stock or demonstrator units. Many still have the factory wrapping and covers in place. All appear new or are a "9" out of "10" minimum cosmetically unless otherwise clearly stated. Included in this listing package are the following items.

1 each Phonak ROGER SELECT - CHAMPAGNE IN COLOR, as shown. 1 each Phonak ROGER SELECT Docking / Charging Station / Base and power supply as shown. 1 USB A to USB micro charging cable. 1 USB Micro to 3.5mm Audio Cable. 1 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audeo Cable. Have problems with your secondary market IPad or apple charger with your Apple device reporting incompatibilities and failure to operate properly? Try one of these power supplies for problem free operation on your Apple Compatible Devices - even the latest high current IPADS. THEY CAN BE FOUND BY DOING A GOOGLE SEARCH. Nothing contained herein should be considered as medical advise in any form.

FITNESS FOR THE INTENDED PURPOSE. Please carefully review the device fitting range? And all specifications for any hearing devices you are considering using or purchasing in order to personally verify the fitting ranges and specifications are proper and correct with respect to your hearing loss, needs and desires.

If in doubt, consult your audiologist or hearing professional. WE ARE NOT LICENSED AUDIOLOGISTS IN YOUR STATE. Only you and/or your doctor/audiologist can make that determination. By purchasing through the secondary used/wholesale hearing aid market(s), you implicitly and explicitly agree you clearly understand and expressly assume full responsibility for any and all related factors and assessments, as well as any and all others aspects that would normally and customarily be provided by purchasing through a normal retail hearing aid dispenser, outlet or audiologist. WAIVER & HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT. Entirety, completely harmless with respect to any and all elements, products or other factors to which this site and the owners, jointly or severally, in their entirety, may be deemed to have been a cause, be it proximate, contributory or otherwise. This is a waiver of the medical evaluation requirements when purchasing hearing aids.

The FDA strongly encourages anyone to seek medical help before trying to remedy a hearing problem themselves. The exercise of this waiver may not be in your best health interest. NOTE: This information, in its' entirety and form, is copyrighted material.

Do not copy or reproduce without written permission.
Phonak Roger Select Champagne, With Base & Cables