Digital Hearing Aid


  • (2) Widex Dream Fusion 440 RIC (D-F 440). Summer Gold. Premium. Complete Set
  • (2) Brand New Signia Silk Xperience 7X 10 CIC Black Premium Complete Set
  • 2x Phonak Bolero B90-PR BTE Open Fit Rechargeable Complete Set Top-of-the-Line
  • (2) Open Box Resound ONE 9 RIC Rechargeable Silver Premium Complete Set
  • Phonakt Roger On Complete Set
  • (2) Unitron T Moxi Now RIC- Gray Excellent Great Technology Complete Set
  • (2) Starkey Livio AI 2400 Rechargeable RIC Sterling Premium Complete Set
  • State Of The Art Miracle Ear Hearing Aid, Meenergy 5 4ic R Vte Ricz Complete
  • New Hearing Amplifier (CIC) Complete In Canal, Invisible, Super mini, Adjustable