Digital Hearing Aid


  • Beltone NEW RC-2 Remote Control $129.00 + 1-Year Warranty
  • Resound TV Streamer 2nd Gen PLUS The New Improved Remote Control RC-3
  • RESOUND LiNX QUATTRO RE961-DRWC+ Phone Clip+TV Streamer+Remote Control + Dryer
  • Maihear Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier to Aid with APP Control
  • ReSound TV Streamer -2 Plus New 3rd Generation Remote Control -3 Bundle $229
  • Widex Remote Control, RC-DEX Wireless For Widex Digital Hearing Aids
  • 2 Oticon More 1 RIC Rechargeable MFI Android+App control 64 channels+Charger
  • Connexx Smart Key Hearing Aid Remote Control 1 Year Warranty For Rexton
  • Signia Silk 7X Instant fit CIC hearing Aids App Control 48 channels Newest Model
  • Soundtastic Professional Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Control Pair $259
  • ReSound TV Streamer -2 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $199
  • GN ReSound TV Streamer -2 SAS-3 Plus ReSound Remote Control -2 Bundle $219