Digital Hearing Aid


  • Siemens Carat Primax 7px Signia Left Hearing Aid with eCharger & Batteries
  • 2 Siemens Pure 7 MI Micon Micro RIC Receiver in Canal Left & Right With Batteries
  • Siemens Pure Carat Hearing Aids XCL 301 Left Side Only Tested
  • Siemens Signia Pure Hearing Aids 5 Nx
  • Signia Siemens hearing aids Fast p BTE 4 Channel digital profound to severe loss
  • NEW! 2 Siemens Signia Charge&Go 3X RIC Hearing Aids Aid, LI charger, TV, iPhone
  • High-End Siemens Hearing Aid Original Digital BTE 4 6 SP6 Channels High Power
  • SIEMENS Vibe Digital Hearing Aid Elderly Deaf Dedicated Original SP6/P6 Channels
  • 2021 Siemens Hearing Aid Digital Signal 4 6 8 Channels Original Hearing Aids
  • NEW Siemens Digital Hearing amplifier Dedicated Origina SP6 Channels Hearing Aid